I love the one-for-one movement. For me, it started with TOMS. Take one look in my closet and you’ll know what I mean! I’m always on the look out for other socially responsible businesses and I love to share what I find with my friends. Today I found one that I think is awesome! And, its cause is very near and dear to my heart; helping children obtain an education.

FIGS. FIGS makes classic and stylish ties (regular neck ties and bow ties) as well as beautifully luxurious cashmere scarves. For every tie purchased, FIGS provides a child with a school uniform. As we at Be The Hope know, many children in the world can not attend school due to lack of finances. In the developing world, poverty keeps children out of school because their parents can not afford school fees, school supplies and uniforms that are needed to attend school. However, studies have shown that if children have access to education their potential to end the cycle of poverty increases. That’s why Be The Hope’s mission is to provide children with backpacks full of school supplies. That’s why we love FIGS mission to provide children with school uniforms.



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